Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Advantages of Silicone Bakeware

Silicone bakeware, or silicon bakeware, has become very popular lately, and for many good reasons. You can still bake a perfectly good cake or loaf of bread in a metal, ceramic, or glass pan, but with all that silicone bakeware has to offer, you might not want to. Silicone bakeware is long-lasting, easy to store, lightweight, and portable. Once you try silicone bakeware, you may not want to bake with anything else.
One of the key benefits of silicone bakeware is that it is durable and long lasting. Silicone bakeware is relatively soft and flexible. It will not dent or rust like metal bakeware can. You can bump or drop silicone bakeware without worrying that it might break the way glass or ceramic bakeware can. These features of silicone bakeware also make it safer to use, because you do not have to worry about sharp edges or broken pieces.

Another selling point of silicone bakeware is that its flexibility makes it easy to store and transport. Not only is silicone bakeware flexible, but it tends to be much more lightweight than similar glass, ceramic, or metal bakeware. These features of silicone bakeware allow it to be more easily stored in small spaces. Its light weight makes it easier to lift into and out of the oven, a feature that any baker will appreciate.
Silicone bakeware is highly portable for the same reasons that it is easy to store. You can toss a silicone bread pan, muffin tin, or cake pan into a box or the back seat of a car without worrying that it will break anything. A silicone bakeware cookie sheet can be folded into a backpack or wrapped around a rolling pin. A single person could easily carry enough silicone bakeware to prepare food for a large party. Try carrying a backpack full of ceramic casserole dishes!
Perhaps the best thing about silicone bakeware is that it cooks just like other kinds of bakeware. You don’t need a special oven or utensils to use it, and the baked goods that you make will come out of the oven tasting just as delicious as if you had used an older, less convenient pan. Silicone bakeware is easy to clean with dish soap and warm water. Best of all, silicone bakeware is safe to use in the freezer, oven, microwave, and dishwasher.

Whether you need a cake pan or cookie sheet, a muffin tin or a madeleine mold, chances are you can find a silicone bakeware product that serves your needs. With so many useful features, it is no wonder that silicone bakeware is so popular and well loved among amateur and professional bakers alike.

Silicone Over Mitts?

It's true! They are here and you should have one. No need to ever have to look at the dingy oven mitt hanging from above your stove. This is a new technology in silicone bakeware you can't miss.

Why Use Silicone Oven Mitts?

silicone oven mittI read about this fancy new space-aged oven mitt in my local paper in time for the the holidays and immediately put it on my gift list.They look so modern and high tech!
How can you not love a waterproof, heat-resistant glove that will protect your hand from boiling water up to 500 degrees F. Not that I plan to stick my hand in anything that hot any time soon. You definitely couldn't do that with your average mitt made out of cotton now could you?
This futuristic glove is made of heavy duty silicone and has that look of of a shark or killer whale in the eyes of my two young daughters. They were surprised when I opened my gift thinking it was a mistake and must have been for them.
I love that the manufacturer says it will protect your hand from direct heat, charcoal, boiling water and hot oil up to 500 degree F AND is dishwasher safe. I'm more concerned what this material could do to my dishwasher.
I have to admit it's little bulky on your hand. Even with the advertised "ribbed texture for easy gripping", you're not going to confuse it with any Playtex Living Gloves that were "so flexible you can pick up a dime."
They are not cheap at $20 to $25 bucks but if it keeps me from burning myself just once when grabbing a hot pan out of the oven, it will be well worth it.

Silpat Baking Mat

The Silpat baking mat turns any pan within your kitchen into a nonstick baking pan that has all in the positive aspects of silicone. The mat is merely placed around the bottom in the pan and instantly you eliminate the need for greasing or flouring your pans.

The silicone baking mat has definitely built an impact around the way that baked goods are prepared in today's kitchens. A Silpat may be the best in the line baking mat that should be included in each and every well appointed kitchen.

Of all of the innovations for the kitchen, the uncomplicated silicone baking mat ranks at the extremely best along using the technically advanced innovations. The baking mat is built of materials that distribute heat evenly through meals and can take the place in the greasing or flouring step in baking.

Anyone who is critical about their baking knows that the resources that you simply use are just as significant as the ingredients within your baked creations. The Silpat baking at not only makes clean up a breeze, it nearly guarantees a fantastic result from the oven.
The trouble with typical metal pans may be the distribution of heat. Metals absorb heat and dont often evenly distribute the heat around the surface in the pan which transfers to the meals around the pan. The silicone material does not absorb heat, instead it distributes heat around the surface in the baking pan which translates to an even result around the meals which have been cooked around the pan.

Silicone bakeware is also accessible for critical bakers and cooks. The silicone baking mat is a fantastic way for a cook or baker to get started using a silicone cooking surface without purchasing a full set of pans. You'll be able to actually use the baking pans that you simply have while still obtaining all of the positive aspects of silicone.

Including silicone cooking resources including the Silpat baking mat enables you to cook healthier for your family. Using a traditional baking sheet or pan, you should add fat and calories to prevent your meals from sticking. With the Silpat baking mat, you are able to eliminate this step as well as the fat that's added to your meals. The baking mat enables you to have greater control more than the ingredients which have been included within your favorite baked goods.

When it is time to outfit your kitchen with bakeware and cooking resources, explore the positive aspects of silicone merchandise. The resources and bakeware merchandise have some terrific advantages more than other baking materials including metal and glass. The bakeware is durable and will not dent or stain. Cleanups are a breeze using a Silpat baking sheet as well as the bakeware built from silicone. Collect the pieces or purchase a whole set at once either by shopping online or in stores. You'll never resume metal or glass pans again.

Why Silicone Bakeware is Beneficial

If you are a home baker and haven’t explored all the advantages that silicone bakeware has to offer, you are missing out on some wonderful tools that will improve your experience in the kitchen. Many people have already discovered what non stick silicone bakeware can do for your baking and convenience in the kitchen.
It can be difficult for someone who has been baking for years with metal pans and glass bakeware to put those aside for the lightweight and colorful silicone bakeware products, but these pieces are a technological advancement in cooking and baking that are designed to make everyone’s life easier.
Silicone bakeware is very lightweight, which allows you to easily carry it with you when you want to do some baking outside of your own kitchen. Bring your tools with you when you plan to do some baking with friends or family and not worry about the difficulty of carrying your best pans and bakeware.
The pieces are also very flexible, which helps you pack them up or store them in a tight or cramped place in your kitchen. Packing up your silicone bakeware is also much easier than rigid metal or glass bakeware.
The pieces are non stick and come in a variety of bright colors. They are durable and won’t break, chip or dent when used. Toss the pieces in a cabinet without worrying that the silicone bakeware will become damaged.
One of the main benefits of silicone bakeware for a serious baker is the even distribution of heat that the pieces have during baking. This means that your baked goods will not have uncooked spots or areas that become burned during the baking process.
Silicone bakeware cleans up easily and will never rust or stain. The pieces will remain vibrant and attractive for as long as you own them. That is why many silicone bakeware manufacturers offer a warranty with their products unlike metal or glass bakeware. These pieces are guaranteed to last as long as you need them.
Bake in your non stick silicone bakeware and refrigerate or freeze the items right in the pan. You won’t have to transfer your baked goods to another container to store in the freezer or refrigerator. Make loaves of delicious sweet breads and put them in your freezer right in the pan.
Non stick silicone bakeware does not have to be greased or floured to prevent baked goods from sticking. This saves you the extra calories you will have when you use shortening or butter on other bakeware pans.
Throw your silicone bakeware right in the dishwasher in most cases. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for washing, baking and storing the pans to ensure that you use the products safely.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Who Make's the Best Silicone Bakeware?

I would have to put Wilton at the top of my list, silicone bakeware or not, they are hands down my favorite for bakeware in general. There silicone bakeware is as follows,
  • Exceptional baking performance for your favorite recipes
  • Freezer, refrigerator, oven, microwave and dishwasher safe**
  • Resists stains and odors
  • Oven safe to 500ºF
  • Easy and convenient storage 
Discover the convenience and easy release of flexible silicone bakeware!

I know I am bias so I will point out a few other good brands for the heck of it.

KitchenAid Silicone Bakeware is another favorite, they make exceptionally well made products that can really stand up to the plate when it comes to cooking and baking. Here are a few good points about KitchenAid silicone bakeware.

  • FDA-approved food-grade silicone guaranteed safe to 500 degrees
  • Heats and cools quickly and evenly
  • Quick-release permanent nonstick surfac
  • Refrigerator, freezer, microwave, oven, and Safe to use in dishwasher
Here is a review from someone who has used KitchenAid silicone bakeware.
"One look at this rubbery bakeware and those uninformed about silicone will laugh at the possibility that it’s actually safe to bake in it. But safe it is and KitchenAid is just one of many bakeware manufacturers that is producing pans in this revolutionary material. Made of FDA-approved food-grade silicone, in addition, the silicone bakeware has the benefit of being safe for the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave and can withstand sudden temperature changes from one extreme to another without buckling. The nonstick surface releases brownies easily and is safe for use with metal utensils aside from knives or serrated blades. Oversized rims make the pan easy to lift and transfer to and from from the oven. The only noticeable difference with silicone is that the pans feel a little wobbly as you carry them filled with batter from tabletop to oven and vice versa. Placing this cake pan on a baking sheet will offer better stability for transferring baked goods and provide a level cooking surface in the oven. For easy cleanup, this pan is dishwasher-safe and will retain its nonstick cooking surface through hundreds of dishwasher cycles. KitchenAid provides a one-year hassle-free replacement warranty plus a lifetime limited warranty on this pan."

Another well known brand is Lekue. Here are the stats on their silicone bakeware.

  • FDA approved food grade silicone, oven safe up to 500F, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe
  • Do not use sharp tools on Lekue
  • Bakes evenly, won't burn edges, foods stop cooking when removed from oven to avoid over-baking, baked goods slide out when cool
  • Lekue is the silicone bakeware choice of some of the world's top bakers - Inch Silicone is the now of baking. Inch - Rose Levy Beranbaum, Author of The Cake Bible, the #1 selling baking book of all time.
Great for baking brownies, casseroles or anything you would make in your traditional bakers. The Rigid material helps the Lekue keep its shape when in use. Mirage silicone bakeware is stable enough to go directly into the oven and flexible enough for that perfect release. To date, Lékué is the leading manufacturer of silicone bakeware and has sold over 10 million pans worldwide, thanks to the unique features of their platinum silicone raw material and their expertise of baking with silicone. Resistant, flexible, and totally non-stick, specially designed for easy, fast and complete baking, also ideal for microwave and freezer. Dishwasher safe, they feature perfect release without greasing (you should grease for first use), remain odorless and tasteless and require very little storage space. Manufactured in 100% platinum silicone. Patented and guaranteed. Lékué is used and recommended by Levy Rose Beranbaum as well as by many other professional bakers. Great for baking brownies, casseroles or anything you would make in your traditional bakers. 

So there is a starter list if you are in the market to make your baking life a bit easier and more hassle free. Every lover of cooking and baking should definitely try out this great ingenious cooking material.

Cooking with Silicone Bakeware

Thanks to cosmetic surgery, colorful, flexible bake ware may not be the first thing you think of when you hear or see the word ‘silicone.’ Yet food-grade silicone is rapidly finding a place on all of our kitchen shelves.
First there was the roll-up nonstick baking mat which is great for pie crusts and rolling cookie dough and fondant on, followed by spatulas ( no more glued on sticky messes!), whisks and other little accessories. Now, there’s a whole range of eye-pleasing, brightly colored pans for baking muffins, various shaped cakes and breads and you can purchase them to fit any kitchens decor or theme. There’s even a silicone rolling pin to complete the nonstick, silicone bake ware experience. So what’s the big deal? 

For my young children, the color’s the big thing, and how “feely,” or tactile, it is. For grown-ups, its inherent nonstick qualities combined with its flexibility and the easy clean up process are the key to our cooking hearts. The promise of being able to peel out a cake, or have your muffins slip out without being coaxed by a knife, is appealing to say the least. Theoretically, you can do away with greasing and flouring (although some makers of the silicone bake ware suggest you still do so if the recipe requires it), making it an ideal tool for low fat baking.Now we have no excuse on stiffing our diet again I guess that is one of the silicone bake ware downfalls.

The pans are undoubtedly versatile. They can be rolled up for storage and are absolutely wonderful if you don't have a whole lot of storage available in your kitchen, and twisted and misshapen any number of ways (though why you would want to beats me!). The pans can be used in the freezer, the microwave or the oven, try sticking that dark metal pan in your microwave and tell me what happens, I am sure it won't be pretty. Another added on bonus I am sure all you ladies out there will love is that silicone bake ware are generally dishwasher-safe. Silicone bake ware is non-porous so it doesn’t retain odors or flavors you don't have to worry any long about tasting last weeks chocolate cupcake in this weeks corn muffin. It takes only a minute or two to cool down after use and you can pick it up with out being burned or surprised by the heat, and because of its nonstick qualities, clean-up is a breeze as I had mentioned above.

Silicone seems to distribute heat evenly, but as with dark metal pans or regular nonstick tins, cakes baked in silicone pans may require less time in the oven so when using silicone bake ware it is best to watch it yourself instead of following a cooking time indicated by a recipe. Despite withstanding a wide range of temperatures, not all pans can withstand the highest heats. Some claim to work up to 500 degrees, others set an upper limit of 428 degrees, which could rule out some of your favorite muffin recipes.So don't throw away all your metal pans but most of them you can live without
Finally, because the pans are flexible they should be handled with care. It is best to place them on a tray or cookie sheet before filling them and taking them to the oven or freezer. Taking a filled muffin pan to the oven without doing so would be challenging to say the least.
So whether silicone bake ware is ideal for all our baking needs remains to be seen, but there seem to be enough good reasons to add a splash of color to our kitchens and be rid of those rusty old cake tins.